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The travails of an infertile…and no, I won’t just relax!

Detox Day 2


So I have explained why we have decided not to go the IVF route yet. But I am not one to sit on my laurels. I have read a book that talks about Chinese medicine working with Western medicine. My husband rolls his eyes at even a mention of ‘alternative’ therapies like acupuncture and homeopathy. But my argument (and I am quite a good arguer) is that it won’t cost us tens of thousands of rands and it can’t do any harm so can we really say we have tried everything when we haven’t tried this? (See?)

You know how everyone with kids always tells you “enjoy this time when you still have free time, and sleep and you can go out at night”? This really makes me want to strangle them because obviously I can do all those things but want more out of life. I want to strangle them even more when they continue to whine about how terrible their lives are (crying babies, no sleep, no sex blah blah) but they always end off the rant with the real twist of the knife like “sigh, but when I hear my baby laugh for the first time I would do it all over again”. So in the last couple of years W and I have taken the advice to heart – the bit about go out and enjoy your youth. We have a busy social life with great friends and frequent and sometimes excessive alcohol consumption. W is an avid sports watcher and player of playstation (yes, they said “enjoy your youth”!) and for a short guy he consumes A LOT of beer. I love good food and wine and time with the girls. Also, not only do I work in advertising but I manage the account of an alcohol brand so part of my job is to schmooze clients while drinking.

W has also battled with smoking for years now. He gave up about 6 years ago and for 2 years he was good. But every six months he has a slip up and goes straight back to smoking full time – no half measures of him! So he started again at the beginning of December. Apart from 2 agonizing days when he tried to quite over New Year and failed he has been smoking ever since. Until yesterday.

So yes, our house is in full detox mode – even the dogs! No alcohol, no cigarettes, no chocolate or anything sweet. We are also supposed to be cutting caffeine which was W’s biggest concern. But we have agreed to only 1 cup of coffee a day and decaf from then on. For the month, even though it’s the shortest month.

Right now I am feeling good about it. There will be less socialising and late nights, no drunk husband or hangovers. That means more quality time together where we can start enjoying each other’s company again, and therefore maybe a bit more nookie. Whether it will be baby-making nookie, um, not so hopeful but it will be fun all the same.

So feel good for now but speak to me in a few days time, round about Saturday night and I doubt my house sans Chardonnay will be a nice place to be!


2 thoughts on “Detox Day 2

  1. I like it – amusing, funny and so ringing a bell with me! You should come over to my house…. we are doing the same sh*t as you. Also not a fun place to be at the moment!

  2. Thanks! Finding a good way to vent without people looking at me funny the whole time.

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