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Detox day 8 – an ode to wine!

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Mmm, my good friend! Until we meet again...

Well we made it through the weekend which is huge! We never make it through a weekend without beer and wine. Whenever I am on a diet (yes, I am doing that to myself at the moment as well) chances are always that I am never 100% good on weekend, it’s just too hard. So I am pretty proud of my self control.

And we didn’t kill each other either. It did feel very strange though. We went to rugby on Saturday and who knew a rugby game went on for soooooo long! We then went out for dinner which we were really looking forward to. But as we sat down and ordered a rock shandy the world kind of dulled down. We couldn’t even think of anything interesting to talk about which is not like us at all. We were just missing something. But reading this makes me a little sad. We should have rich lives with or without alcohol. Does this mean we have a problem?

It’s not the feeling from booze (I don’t like feeling drunk) but its the actual booze. I love wine so much, I think I love wine more than food (if thats even possible). I love the taste and the ritual and the colour and the pretty glass…(sniff) I am usually happy with 1 glass, I don’t need to drink a lot (but obviously sometime I do!). W feels the same about beer. He loves it. He loves trying new beers and dark beers and beers made from different stuff. And as he is an avid sports lover beer goes hand in hand with the event.

Obviously as soon as I (oneday, maybe) get pregnant then I will say goodbye to wine. But I will have a very strong reason not to drink. To not drink now, even for this short month, seems like fishing for a shark with a tadpole net. I know everyone talks about diet and being healthy affecting your fertility but surely thats for someone who has only been trying for a short while? After 4 years of trying I don’t think something like eating lots of spinach (or whatever it is) will help that damn sperm boink that damn egg!

But so I press on with the madness. Once again, desperation is my name!


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