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The travails of an infertile…and no, I won’t just relax!

I’m Back! Locked and loaded


I am thinking that maybe the 4 or 5 people who might have read some of my posts in the past were wondering where I went and I suppose the obvious conclusion would be “Another one bites the dust” as in – she must have fallen pregnant and got over being so bitter and twisted. Well, actually, not so much!

In actual fact, life got really miserable and I ended up seeing a therapist who advised against all infertility based digital activity for a while. I suppose it was that life was all a bit unmanageable and I had to cut myself some slack from the IF journey so that I could make it through some other rough stuff. So I put everything on hold, well as much as I could. That Ugly Little Devil kept me on my toes alright. But I had to get through my Dad getting sick again, this time with heart disease, W losing his job (yes, lovely) and just general shit being thrown at the proverbial fan.

Cut to September 2012 and I am PUPO! I just learnt what that actually means today which is Pregnant Until Proven Otherwise. I am very hesitant to use that term because it seems on the perkier side of optimistic, and I wouldn’t say I am perky. But this last Saturday the Doc did happen to transfer 2 lovely little blastocysts into my uterus and so until I do the dreaded POAS (Pee On a Stick) I suppose I am PUPO!

(I don’t know why us infertiles need to speak in so much code all the time. I suppose it’s like being part of a secret club or something but sometimes it gets pretty lame.)

So in the next few posts I will back track a little and take you through my journey to this point. I think it would be really useful for anyone who is about to embark on IVF to know what might be in store for them. Or just laugh and point at my misfortune/fortune – whatever floats your boat.


2 thoughts on “I’m Back! Locked and loaded

  1. Welcome back! Sorry about all the shit hitting the fan and sometimes a digital break is good from all this stuff. But I am thrilled for you that you are doing IVF and I really hope you are pregnant. Looking forward to hearing more of your journey.

  2. Hey just found your blog today. I also always wonder about the acronyms, but I figured it’s because there are so many terms to write that people don’t want to type things over and over again. Which is all good if people reading understand what you are saying. But when they don’t, makes for ‘senseless’ reading 😉

    Hope you don’t mind being “stalked”

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